The real estate market in the High Country of the western North Carolina mountains is strong. For the moment, all signs lead us to believe they will remain that way. Demand is high. Inventory is good. And interest rates are still low. With a strong market like this, both buyers and sellers can benefit.

Usually the best time to sell a home is in the early spring. This enables sellers to capture both the spring and summer months when families can see their property. The summer months bring hundreds of families to the high country making it a prime time for showing your home to potential buyers. To get an idea of how homes are selling we’ve put together a summary of how the market performed in December 2019.

Boone Home Sales December 2019

In Boone, NC alone, 34 homes sold in what is usually the slowest month of the year. We saw a small 1960’s era, 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 816 square foot home sell in just 1 day for just under $150,000. On the opposite end, we saw a brand new 6,000 square foot luxurious, fully furnished home nestled high atop a knoll in the gate Blue Ridge Mountain Club for just over a million dollars. The average home stayed on the market for just under five months. These 2019 year end numbers tell us that Boone has a strong real estate market entering 2020.

Blowing Rock Home Sales December 2019

Just down the road, Blowing Rock, NC we saw 15 homes sold. Though less than Boone, the numbers (especially in December) are just as impressive. The smallest home sold was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 700 square foot cottage. It sold in less than a month for around $178,000. The largest home sold was an 8,000 square foot dream home with 8 bedrooms and bathrooms. It sold for a sweet one million dollars after being on the market for nearly a year. It’s typical for larger homes to stay on the market that long but the average time on the market for homes sold in Blowing Rock was just over 5 months.

Now is the Time to Buy or Sell

2020 in the High Country seems to be continuing as a sellers market. That doesn’t mean, however, that buyers shouldn’t feel incentivized. The property values for new constructions continue to rise and there are plenty of new developments in the high country.

High Country Enterprises is well acquainted with all the new neighborhoods as well as the more obscure mountain properties. We would love to work with you to buy or sell you home.